LSU’s Devin White Wants To Go Top 5, Jokes Of $100M Deal


After this year’s combine and the eventual departure of MLB Kwon Alexander, the Buccaneers have been linked to LSU prospect Devin White. At LSU’s pro day this week, White stated how he desires to go top 5, and that this would be the most affordable time to have him. As he’ll be looking for a $100 million after his rookie deal. The Bucs currently pick at number 5.

“I’m not trying to do what anybody else did. I’m trying to create a lane for myself. I want to go in the top five.

“People know ‘Devin isn’t going to be on the board long, and we’re not going to find another Devin 10 years from now. He’s rare,’” White said. “Draft me, because when I hit free agency in five years, the price will go up. I’ll be looking for $100 million then.”


Pretty bold for a guy yet to be drafted, but clearly doesn’t lack confidence. With that said he responded to the mass response of a $100 million deal talk on Twitter Saturday.

Without a doubt White will need to prove his worth. We may never know for sure whether or not his Tweet was an attempt to back peddle or to simply set the record straight.

Is He Serious?

It may just be simply a poor phrasing of words by a young player at the least. At the most a young man whose love of money may be a misplaced motivator.

White very well could be a serious consideration by the Bucs who had a formal interview with him during the Combine. They will also have him in for an official visit before the draft. Will his talk though of money demands be a turn off for Tampa Bay or will it barely be a blimp on the radar for the front office? Time will tell.