Apollos Fans Ready For A Sip

Taking Lemons/Making Lemonade

Are you kidding me?  The old saying goes that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Having a “Johnny Football” night in Memphis last weekend could have been disastrous. The Express gave away Johnny Football T-shirts to any ticket purchase of $30 and replica Manziel jerseys for $90. The crowd was chanting, “Joh-nny, Joh-nny.” Even after the Express came in twice to spell an ineffective offense, it was starting quarterback and Troy State hero Brandon Silvers who led them to overtime victory over the Birmingham Iron.

But It Really Worked

The AAF version of overtime with both teams getting one possession from the opponent’s ten-yard line was quite successful.  If both teams score a touchdown, they must also still go for a two-point conversion.  It kind of makes overtime a complete package.  A team must score a TD and a 2-point conversion and keep the other team from doing both.  The fact that it happened for Memphis on Saturday night made the first overtime game ever in the Alliance even sweeter.

Bait and Switch

Crowding Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium in Memphis on Saturday night with fans out for Manziel sightings was a good idea. Hey, you have to work it. But then watching the Express win in overtime with Brandon Silvers and Manziel still mic’d up for the NFL channel viewers seemed surreal and was definitely made for television viewing. Very rarely can a team switch back and forth between two QBs and end up smelling like a rose.

The Orlando Apollos travel to Memphis this Saturday to take on the Express.  The home town team will still be riding a wave of emotion after last weekend. The Apollos will be looking to take care of business and lock up the home field advantage for playoffs. Apollos fans would much prefer orange juice over lemonade.