Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Free Agency Non-Existent


Many teams have signed free agents to help them, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have done the same. But they have yet to make a big splash. The Buccaneers did a year ago by going out and beefing up the defensive line. That was a bust outside of Jason Pierre Paul. So far this year general manager Jason Licht has stayed pat.

Who could the Buccaneers still sign in free agency? My answer is no one. The Buccaneers are in awful cap shape because of Jason Licht. They will also have to cut ties with Gerald McCoy or Cameron Brate, possibly both. Rumors have come out that head coach Bruce Arians believes it’s time to trade Gerald McCoy. As fans we all know that he is not playing at the caliber of a 13-million-dollar contract.

So until the Buccaneers free up some cap space they will have to go into the season with the team they have. They have a major hill to climb. Even if the Buccaneers trade or cut McCoy there are so many holes to fill. The draft will help in some cases. The Buccaneers will be quiet because of what has happened in the past. At this time they can’t sign any free agents.