Tampa Bay Buccaneers: A Warren Sapp Sighting – Is It Good or Bad?


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have opened OTA’s. This is where the new coaches and players will meet each other. This is also a chance for former players to come back and give advice to players. Former Tampa Bay Buccaneer and Hall of Famer Warren Sapp is one of them. Some fans are questioning, why him? Sapp has had many problems off the field. Is he the best to be giving advice to players?

With what he did on the field, yes, and what he did off the field, no, in my opinion. Sapp was a huge part of the great Buccaneer defense when they won the Super Bowl in 2002. If he could help someone like a Vita Vea be that dominating, look out. Now that defensive coordinator Todd Bowles going to a 3-4 hybrid defense, Vea will be a big part. Sapp could also help the rest of the defense as well.

If he can keep the advice to just on-the-field tips, the Buccaneers will be okay. He is a Hall of Famer and could help the present and future stars get to the same point. The Buccaneers need to make some big improvements to their defense after last year. Outside of Jason Pierre-Paul, the game day product was not very good. Maybe having Sapp in training camp is a good thing as long as he sticks to football.

Is having a Sapp a good thing or bad thing? Leave a comment below.