NFL Considering Rule Change For OT Games



Could the NFL be looking at a rule change pertaining to how overtime games are handled.

Cowboys COO Stephen Jones, a member of the competition committee stated,  “I certainly tend to lean toward the new rule, I certainly watched every play of that Kansas City/New England game, and you kind of would have liked to have seen what would have happened if Kansas City got another shot at it, and then how the thing would have ended up. It was football, in my mind, the game at its best. I certainly don’t have a problem with guaranteeing each team a shot at it.It’s certainly something that had some traction there in the room, and certainly saw some people who were very interested in it. But we’ll get on a call there, take a long, hard look at it, and I’m sure membership’s gonna get to see it.”

I can’t see the NFL putting this rule into effect during the regular season as the NFL higher-ups don’t want to make regular season games any longer. I do think this new rule can and should be put into use for playoff games.

Stay tuned to for further details.