Bucs Reportedly Haven’t Asked McCoy To Take Pay Cut


There has been much speculation of the former All-Pro DT Gerald McCoy and his future in Tampa Bay. In 2019 he is slated to receive a $13 million salary, but he may not be around to see it in Tampa. Especially after the remarks from new head coach Bruce Arians which remarked that McCoy’s salary and production didn’t match.

When the Bucs 2019 salary cap situation is considered, it was widely thought that the front office would try to restructure the DT’s remaining 3 years on his deal. According to a report from the Times that apparently isn’t the case, and that the front office hasn’t had any official official communication with McCoy’s camp about restructuring his salary.

This is another odd twist in the McCoy contract saga that seemingly has no end. Yet they have multiple options to find that end. They could trade or restructure his deal. And if those two aren’t viable enough, they could simply release him. Without a cap hit.

June 4th is the start of the official mandatory mini-camp. If McCoy is a no-show, the team could fine him. Which would further intensify the saga.

What is truly going on at the front office at One Buc Place with regards to McCoy is anyone’s guess. It might be as simple as they haven’t come to a final conclusion. Or are only wanting to move on from McCoy if only absolutely necessary.

With that said, an end will come in sight eventually.