NFL Could Amend New PI Challenge Rule


The NFL held an owners meeting this week, and there was discussion of considering a minor tweak of the new pass interference challenge rule per Judy Battista of

This new PI Challenge rule came as a result of the controversial non-call during the NFC Championship game last season. The team and New Orleans itself were in an uproar from that point on. The claimed that the team was robbed of a Super Bowl berth because of said non-call. There was so much media attention, that the owners earlier this season passed a new PI rule almost unanimously. This new rule allows coaches to challenge PI calls and even non-calls. Except for the final two minutes of each half.

Now though NFL owners could consider changing the new rule, and allow them to challenge PI throughout the entire game. Just like this newly minted rule, it could set a dangerous precedent for future rule ideas for rules. Ideas that could compromise the integrity of the game.

The question must be asked, where does it stop? When will the line be drawn in the sand? It could be a dangerous path the NFL has taken. A path where rules are made or changed if a team or players don’t like the way an existing rule is benefiting them in the now.

Without a doubt the officials missed that call, and others, during the NFC Championship game. That said calls like that bring a human element to a game. While not perfect, it is essential to the game that Americans know and love today.

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