What The Hell Is McCoy Thinking?


This just in.  Former Buccaneer Gerald McCoy breaks into Uncle Ron Rivera’s liquor cabinet, drinks Carolina Moonshine and spouts off on Undisputed.

First off Gerald McCoy is not a drinking man, so that statement is seriously exaggerated.  But so is McCoy feeling disrespected by the Buccaneers because his #93 was assigned so soon after his departure.

The number wasn’t assigned to an undrafted free agent longshot to make the practice squad.  It went to Ndamukong Suh, the man who not only wore #93 in college at Nebraska, but also as a pro in Miami and on last year’s NFC Champion Los Angeles Rams.  There is no disrespect in allowing Suh to wear that number as he comes in and replaces McCoy at defensive tackle… Wait a minute.

Its not about the number at all, is it McCoy? You wanted to still be here and heck, alot of people wanted you to still be.  But with a cap issue and other areas to address, $13 million wasn’t going to fly.  You also stated yesterday that the team had not offered to “restructure” the contract, but talks were had.  That says that the offer was not to your liking and you exercised your right to unlimited career opportunities and took your talents to Charlotte.  Cool. The Bucs will see you twice next year, once across the pond.

Gerald McCoy will continue to add to his legacy both on and off the field.  The Buccaneers will surely have to gameplan for him next year, being both a great player and a divisional opponent.  What the team wont be doing in the short term is making plans to retire #93 or hang it up in the Ring. But if that day should come, meet me at Raymond James Stadium.  I’ll bring the Carolina Moonshine and we can reminisce.