Ndamukong Suh fined by NFL for “hit” on Mayfield



Buccaneers defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has been fined $21,065 for his hit on Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Suh has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of the rule book. In this instance he is being fined for literally pushing a quarterback. While we all know the NFL is hypersensitive to protecting the quarterback, this is a bit ridiculous.

Photo credit: Dov Kleiman



  1. Raise the fines than… they get paid waaaaayyy to much not to take a hit as it is u might aswell make it flag football or let trannies make the team. I can believe u are comparing records to the old rules half of yall wouldnt be wearing a football uniform than let alone breaking records. Hmmm makes ya think whats next????

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