Buccaneers lose to 49ers



The Buccaneers fell to the 49ers today 31-17 in what only can be described as an ugly loss. The game started out ugly, continued ugly and stayed ugly.

The defense showed some life early with this pick-6 by Vernon Hargreaves.

The game from that point forward was a comedy of errors. Numerous touchdowns called back by penalties. Players seemingly not knowing what route they were supposed to run. Dropped balls, missed blocks and of course a quarterback making head scratching decisions. While one of Winston’s interceptions wasn’t really his fault you cant deny the pure ugliness of this play.

We can debate if that was a miscommunication or a slip by Peyton Barber, either way it was a poor choice that resulted in a pick-6. Unfortunately it didn’t stop there.

Look, we can debate whether or not head coach Bruce Arians should’ve kicked on 4th and goal, but this team shouldn’t have been in that position. The mistakes from earlier put this team in that situation and they crumbled. Excuses will follow, that’s expected. The reality is this game was ugly from start to finish.


Photo credit: Fox Sports