Leftwich to Winston, “Just go play”


Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich thinks some of the blame directed at quarterback Jameis Winston is fair, but some of it isn’t. The quarterback position is one that comes with to much credit and to much blame. That’s just how it works. Leftwich put it best;

“I mean, who are we kidding, right? We’re talking about the National Football League and the quarterback,’’ Leftwich said. “There’s no such thing as fair. There’s no such thing in this league when you’re talking about the quarterback position.”

He makes a fair point, but the problem is the average person only looks at that one position. Players running the wrong routes, missed assignments and, of course, penalties all play a part in it as Leftwich went on to say;

“There’s 10 other guys and it’s little things that go on during the game the quarterback is going to get the blame no matter what happens.’’

Jameis Winston surely hasn’t been the only problem, but his play has been one of the on going issues. For every interception Winston throws, there’s a reason for it. One could be a tipped by his receivers, the other could be a route ran the wrong way. It could also  be a bad throw or decision. Regardless, it still falls on the quarterback’s shoulders. Byron Leftwich broke it down simply by saying;

“Just go play,’’ Leftwich said. “The quarterback that mostly plays well wins, right? The team that doesn’t win, that quarterback feels just like Jameis has felt the last two days…You’ve got to find ways to win games in any stadium.’’

Seems easy enough, right? The answer is no. It isn’t easy. There are only 32 people that can do the job of being an NFL quarterback. Right now, Jameis Winston is one of those 32. The question is, with Leftwich and Bruce Arians’ help, can Winston keep that job?


Sources: Rick Stroud, NFL.com, Buccaneers.com