A day to relax


Winning on Thursday night in Carolina feels like getting an extra days vacation. That day when you can do whatever you like and at worst it’s a push. Stay out of jail and it’s a successful day.

Hurry up and wait

Bye weeks, I hate bye weeks. It feels like the rest of the NFL World is passing by and the Buccaneers are just standing still.

The only thing with a more empty feeling than a bye week is a loss on a Thursday night. Like saying something awkward to a school crush as the bell rings for a holiday break, you wait on pins and needles until schools back in to start damage control.

Feeling refreshed

A victory on a Thursday night, simply marvelous. A victory over a divisional opponent and Tampa Bay has the world by a string. The long week gives Buccaneer fans a rare taste of extended jubilation.

The team is 1-1. With the New York Giants coming to town next week. Buccaneer faithful must temper expectations with the reality that this is still a new coaching staff. Regardless, the win Thursday night was a cold glass of water on a hot summer day.

Give thanks

Take this day to mow the lawn, go to the park, ride that bicycle or read a good book. Just relax the Buccaneers already took care of business last Thursday. Let’s call this “Something Sunday”. Do something. Anything. But don’t worry about the 2019 season. We can start doing that in the morning. Who am I kidding, enjoy the games.


Photo credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports