O.J. Howard’s name linked to trade rumor


The NFL season is in full swing and with that comes the trade rumors — that time of year when the have’s pillage the have not’s of their talent. The NFL trade deadline is just over two weeks away and they’re plenty of rumors swirling around.

Yes, tight end O.J. Howard’s name has been linked as a “hottest rumor” among scouts. Now, I’m not saying this couldn’t or even shouldn’t happen. But to what team? And, for what in return? It takes two to tango, as they say. The rumor mill has been consistent in trying to link the Buccaneers’ interest in acquiring Arizona’s Patrick Peterson. Arizona has gone on record repeatedly stating they aren’t trading Peterson.

There is another, less talked about trade rumor involving the Buccaneers. Washington’s offensive tackle Trent Williams is reportedly available. This rumor makes more sense as Washington is obviously in a transition mode if not in outright rebuild mode. The question is what would it take to pry Williams away from the Redskins? Howard and a draft pick, maybe more? Now we are entering a dangerous area in giving up a first-round player AND draft picks. Is a player like Williams worthy of giving up that much? Yes, he’s 31 years old, but also a 7x Pro Bowler. The addition of Williams would instantly upgrade the offensive line. Not that the addition of Peterson wouldn’t help the secondary. But let’s be honest, the Buccaneers offensive line is, well, offensive.

The Buccaneers find themselves in a precarious position. They are heavy at a the tight end position which they don’t utilize much and weak at positions they’re horrible at. Seems like a no-brainer, if the price is right!


Photo credit: Associated Press