The Judgment of Jameis


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Now to some riveting analysis from the NFL Network.

“Jameis Winston has to stop making mistakes!”

Thank you, Captain Obvious!!

What’s next?

“You know, the president may want to re-think some of his tweets!”


As sure as snowbirds in Florida, Jameis Winston cannot change. Four seasons and six games into his fifth NFL campaign, he still stares down receivers, still has no clue when to throw the football and if the opportunity to complete a certain pass is a million to one – he’s firing.

In other words, he is the NFL’s version of Lloyd Christmas.

“One out of a million?? So, you’re telling me there’s a chance!!”

Few NFL quarterbacks are as gifted as Winston. You cannot question his arm, his strength, his competitiveness or his courage. At 6-5, 250 pounds Winston has all the measurables. I truly believe, he would still be the first pick in most NFL drafts.

You Just Can’t Measure Judgment

Don’t get me wrong. Winston will have success as a starting quarterback in the NFL. It just won’t be with this franchise, this coaching staff, this offense or this offensive line. The Bucs and Winston are desperate for a real change.

Winston has the ability to throw for more than 400 yards in any given game. The problem is, there will be three interceptions and a fumble sprinkled in. Bucs Nation can no longer deal with that.

It’s This Simple For Jameis Winston. Less Is More.

Put him on a team with a strong, run-first attitude and he will flourish. Put him in the Buccaneers backfield with Warrick Dunn and Mike Alstott and Tony Dungy may have had his Super Bowl sooner. Tony would never allow Winston to throw more than 25 times a game. Unfortunately, that is not today’s NFL. And the more he throws, the chances go up that he will use his judgment.

Can you imagine if Winston were given our nuclear codes? I have no doubt he’d have the courage to make a difficult decision. I have no doubt he’d make it at the right time. But his judgment may just stop the planet from rotating on its axis.

That’s a case where two out of three truly are bad. Yet that is where the Buccaneers are.

So, what do the Buccaneers do? They play him. Winston still gives the Bucs the best chance for a win. You play him until the end of the season or the offensive line ends his season. You then draft a quarterback that better fits your philosophy. You take the salary cap savings and build an offensive line and a run game.

Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes were taken later in the first round. Kyle Allen is undrafted and undefeated as a starter. Gardner Minshew has won as many games this season as Winston. The Bucs are still searching for their franchise quarterback. Then again, have they ever really had one?

Use your judgment.


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  1. Winston will never be a great QB in this league. You mention his arm strength? Where is it? He throws ducks if tits past ten yards. Hes dumb as a bag if rocks. GTFO with bullshit story of how great Dungy would make him. Hes a damn waste of 20 million. And the GM should be booted too. Worst run franchise in the NFL. The Glazers are trash and so is the entire front office. Arians cant fix it. We have a team that isn’t putting forth effort because they know Winston is a piece of trash. Stop trying to defend him. Waste case.

  2. Jameis has to be done enough is enough I don’t understand why Ryan Griffin doesn’t get a shot!! No one knows what he will do in a game whats the worst that could happen this is getting old

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