2020 Senior Bowl Standouts


Saturday was the last opportunity for the rookie class to showcase their talents in full pads. The Senior Bowl in Mobile Alabama was full of big names and not so big names. There are a few players that I’ve been watching and think they have what it takes on the next level.

Alton Robinson, EDGE, Syracuse
HT: 6’4 WT: 260 lbs

I’m 100% convinced that this guy will start in the NFL and have a stellar career. He is officially on my list as “DO NOT MISS”. I had the pleasure to watch live at the Shrine Game and then watched on TV at the Senior Bowl. The rumor is that he is being coached by former Indianapolis Colts standout Dwight Freeney.

The first time I saw Robinson pass rush I thought he moved just like Freeney use to. He uses basketball type pivot moves to get around offensive tackles. I’ve noticed that Robinson is trying to use different techniques when offensive tackles take certain angles away from him. In the past, all of Robinson’s moves had to be around the edge when he’s overpowered. But he has been working at changing that and the tape shows. Robinson has the talent to rush with his hand in the dirt. He is also solid at standing up and rushing which will be key in today’s NFL.

I personally like it when he uses his dip and rip move or uses his hand fight technique. Tampa Bay could use a player like this for the near and present future.

Antonio Gibson, RB, Memphis
HT: 6’3 WT: 220 lbs

Antonio Gibson aka “the swiss army knife”. If you want to talk about somebody that has playmaking ability every play and that can fill multiple holes on offense at one time, then this is your guy. Gibson is the bigger version of New Orleans Saints’ Alvin Kamera and former Detroit Lion’s Golden Tate. Gibson is another player on my “DO NOT MISS” list. The size and catching ability of Gibson is going to give defensive coordinators headaches. If Gibson is available, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers should take a good look at him.

Whoever is at quarterback in 2020 will want a player like this that can line up in the backfield and motion out wide to be covered by a slow and less skillful linebacker. Gibson will be a red-zone nightmare in the NFL. He has also shown the ability to return kicks.

Anthony Gordon, QB, Washington State
 QB, Washington State

HT: 6 6’3 WT: 210 lbs

Yes, there is a quarterback on here that isn’t named Justin. These stories will be about the guys who aren’t being talked about that have a high value. Anthony Gordon is the quarterback that best fits Bruce Arians’ system and is a “gunslinger”. Much like Winston in 2019, Gordon wasn’t blessed with a reliable run game so he was asked to throw the ball ton. Anthony Gordon in 2019 passed for whooping 5,579 yards with 48 touchdowns and just 16 interceptions. Gordon is also the successor to Jacksonville Jaguars’ Gardner Minshew at Washington State.

Gordon has all the tools you need to win at the quarterback position. His arm strength and poise in the pocket is second to only LSU’s Joe Borrow. The big part of Gordon’s game is his ability to buy time for his receivers to get open and then deliver a dime throw in stride. Gordon is on my sleeper list.

Joshua Kelley, RB, UCLA
HT: 5’11 WT: 219 lbs

Kelley reminds me of Josh Jacobs the way he is humble and just takes advantage of the opportunities that are given to him. Joshua Kelley was a walk-on at UCLA and made himself a superstar. Kelley finished the Senior Bowl with 15 carries and 105 yards rushing. What I’ve learned about Kelley is that he only played two years at UCLA while totaling in two seasons as a starter with just a little over 500 total carries. My point is that Kelley has a lot of time left on his body and his legs and he has yet to fully tap into his full potential and is eager to learn and get better every day.

Joshua Uche, EDGE, Michigan
HT: 6’2 WT: 250 lbs

There were two guys that dominated the line of scrimmage at the Senior Bowl and one of them is Joshua Uche. Uche at 6’2 250 pounds has decent size and great speed. He has the ability to get around the edge on heavy-footed offensive lineman at will. Uche reminds me a lot of Noah Spence with only having outside moves and does not have a secondary move in his arsenal. If offensive lineman were able to get their hands on him when he is not moving at full speed can create problems for him. I can see him best at stunts and loops in blitz packages because he has the speed to run down most mobile quarterbacks. Uche also showed in the Senior Bowl practice that he has the ability to cover tight ends in coverage.

Bradlee Anae, EDGE, Utah
HT: 6’3 WT: 265 lbs

Another player that owned the line of scrimmage is none other than Utah’s Anae. Anae finished his final year at Utah with 13 sacks and finished the Senior Bowl with an eye-opening three sacks. Anea possesses both inside and outside pass-rushing abilities. This guy has the ability to be a terror for any opposing quarterback.

The first thing I noticed about his game was that he plays fast, physical and irate, dominating in both rushing downs and passing downs. Another part I really enjoy about his game is that he is really smart and by smart I mean by the way he approaches the quarterback before a sack. Anae puts his body and hands in a position for him not to create a roughing the passer call. When Anea is approaching the passer for an upcoming sack, he is not looking to just tally a sack, but instead is looking to create a turnover. Bradlee Anea you have officially made my “DO NOT MISS” list.

Damien Lewis, OG, LSU
HT: 6’3 WT: 332 lbs

NCAA NCAAF 2019 champion protected future number one overall quarterback in Joe Borrow all season while also helping lead a successful LSU running game. I see a lot of good qualities in his game with hand placement and footwork in cutting off defenders in the run game. Long story short, he played well in the Senior Bowl and he will make any NFL offensive lineman coach very happy with his work ethic and ability to get better.

Photo credit: waaytv.com