Don’t Be Misled Buccaneers, Tom Brady is Going to Tennessee.

Opinion Editorial
So what are you doing with your 19 year veteran quarterback by the name of Tom Brady? The one who just left the team to become a free agent? One that has absolutely nothing to prove? There’s a current spot on the AFC South shelf that’s vacant for a true champion.

An Easier Path

Houston has won the division four of the last five years but hasn’t done anything with that production. As well, Tennessee has made the playoffs twice in that same five-year span. But it’s just missing one or two key pieces from completing the long term goal. One of those pieces, is a quarterback. Don’t get me wrong, Ryan Tannehill had an excellent year, in relief duty. He was taking over for a Marcus Mariota that was broken, battered, and bewildered. Tannehill was productive with his time on the field as a starter. But who’s to say he would be an upgrade from a six time Super Bowl champion in Brady?

Two Team Race

It doesn’t get as cold in Nashville Tennessee as it does in New England during the winter. Why not go to a division, in which 1/2 of your divisional opponents, don’t quite have everything together in house? There are huge question marks in Jacksonville; who is the starter? Is Gardner Minshewthe starter? Do they give Nick Foles another chance? Foles did sign a contract that is on the books by the way. Indianapolis is in search of a quarterback per se. Faith is a powerful thing, and if they don’t have it in Jacoby Brissett now, they won’t have it in the future. And why would you ever want to be compared to Peyton Manning, by playing for that franchise in opposing opposition in the AFC South? That would be career suicide.
Now, some speculate Oakland. Excuse me, I meant Vegas. Some might say Tampa Bay, but they have offetline issues. Just recently, there have been rumblings of talk in Miami. But the best option of them all, is the AFC South. And the Tennessee Titans are built for now.

A Running Threat

Some were surprised by the production of Derrick Henry. Others were not. Some of us have been anticipating it. Henry ran for 1,540 yards during the regular season. He was the NFL’s leading rusher for 2019. A stable backfield helps to implement a play action pass. Under the tutelage of his friend, teammate, and current Tennessee Titans coach Mike Vrabel, Brady would be able to manipulate defenses, use the running game to his advantage, and kill clock like it’s no one’s business. With not 1 but 2 security blankets. Taylor Lewan is just one of the many ogres upfront for the Tennessee Titans. The offensive line is solid; it’s the weapons that make this team special.

Jonnu Smith or Delanie Walker?

Take your pick, they are both good. And if Walker decides to stay, could be a little tight and said waiting to happen. Smith picked up the slack to the Delanie Walker‘s injury. But a healthy Delanie Walker could give you 1000 yards receiving. The tight ends will go a long way with formulation of a running game that will give Henry more production, with reduced carries or individually scripted playcalls, for massive yardage.

From Inside to Out

On the outside, AJ Brown shouldn’t need any more introductions. The Ole Miss Rookie wide receiver produced 52 catches, for 1051 yards. That’s efficient. 19.8 yards a catch, that is sinister. On the opposite of him is Corey Davis, the Western Michigan stand out. And at the slot, Tajae Sharpe, who is at the one position that could use improvement. If Tennessee would invest in some more lineman and offense of weaponry, the defense of the Tennessee Titans are ready to go, they could make a big splash next year. With offensive linemen depth, you can pound it down your opponents throat’s, without having to worry about fatigue from your front 5. LSU was a perfect model of that possibility this year. Tennessee’s offensive line isn’t subpar at all, and a spark could make that Ground and pound offense elite.
In addition to Malcolm Butler, and Logan Ryan, there are a lot of familiar faces in the Tennessee Titans organization from Brady’s career. The environment could be comfortable, and it would put defenses in binds on how they would plan on stopping a ball control offense with a passing attack. Time of possession leads to a lot of victories in the NFL.
So don’t be heartbroken if you lose out in the Brady sweepstakes. Keep in mind, he’s 42, has nothing to prove, and he can go wherever he pleases. But wouldn’t you like to see him win one more, But without New England? Brady fan or not, the idea of Brady’s success is become enticing.
Photo credit:Tom Brady