Does Hudson Signing Point to Shake Up at Buccaneers Tight End Position?


In recent news, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have signed tight end Tanner Hudson. Hudson had an exciting 2019 preseason with chemistry built between him and Ryan Griffin. If you remember, Hudson helped lead the Buccaneers to three victories in the preseason to finish with a 3-1 record.

Hudson finished the preseason with 19 catches for 245 yards and three touchdowns. Sitting behind O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate in the regular season, Hudson only mustered 26 yards on two catches. He also dropped a key touchdown versus the New York Giants.

So with all the trade speculation in regards to O.J. Howard, is this signing a peak into the future? Could the Buccaneers be confident in Hudson moving into the 2020 season? Rumors have even surfaced of Brate possibly getting released to save six million in cap space.

But I wouldn’t go that far just yet. I think Jason Licht and Bruce Arians view Tanner Hudson as a developmental player, who could contribute as a backup tight end. Currently a third string player, I think Arians wants a solidified backup plan just in case Brate or Howard are no longer on the roster.

Hudson still needs to improve on his blocking ability if he wants to carve out a full time role in the offense. This signing solidifies depth at the position, but don’t read into it as a move closer to the trade or release of Cam Brate or O.J. Howard.

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