NFL Announces the 2010’s All-Decade Team Led by Tom Brady


The NFL announced its All-Decade Team for the 2010s Monday. Players like Tom Brady and Von Miller lead a high-powered team along with other superstars who have left their mark on the decade.

The Team

The 53-man roster consists of eight players who were unanimously chosen. Those unanimous are Tom Brady, Adrian Peterson, Joe Thomas, Marshal Yanda, J.J. Watt, Von Miller, Justin Tucker, and Aaron Donald. For the coaching staff, Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll get the nod.

Brady, Julius Peppers, and Belichick were on the 2000’s squad, and are the only returning names on the list.

Of the 53 players, eight of them played with the Patriots at one point during the decade. Including Antonio Brown, even though he played one game for New England. However, The Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens, and Arizona Cardinals currently have three All-Decade players, leading the NFL.

2000’s Team

Although the 2010 team is stacked, would it hold up against the 2000’s All-Decade team? We already know Tom Brady, Peppers, and Belichick were on the 2000’s roster and the only returning members. But to compare both teams is challenging.

First, in the 2000s, the game was much different, compared to today’s NFL. The advantage the 2010’s team has is their way of training is a lot better than it was 15-20 years ago.


From a talent standpoint, both teams are unstoppable. In the 2000s, Peyton Manning was second to Brady. And their wide receiving core consisted of Randy Moss and Terrell Owens. However, the 2010s easily match that with Larry Fitzgerald and Antonio Brown.

In the 2000s, LaDainian Tomlinson was in the backfield along with Shaun Alexander. Today, Marshawn Lynch and LeSean McCoy lead the charge.


Although the offense for the 2010’s roster is slightly better than their predecessor, their defense is not even close to as good. Yes, players like J.J. Watt and Aaron Donald are great, but the talent on the 2000’s team is deadly. Ray Lewis, Warren Sapp, and Ty Law are some of the best players ever.


Both teams have legendary coaches. Obviously, Bill Belichick is in a league of his own. However, Tony Dungy is already a Hall of Famer with Pete Carroll being a future Hall of Famer. Both teams are evenly matched with the coaches.


The 2010’s team is a great salute to the last 10 years of the NFL. Some of the best games in NFL history came out of this decade. We saw massive upsets, like the Eagles beating the Patriots, to the Patriots losing again to the New York Giants. As well as a handful of amazing players and coaches came out of the 2010s. Each of them is destined for Canton.