Nick Sitro’s 2020 NFL Draft Interior Offensive Line Rankings


Like linebackers and tight ends, this interior offensive line class is definitely lacking. There are a few solid options at the top, but the cupboard becomes bare rather quickly. Here is my top interior offensive lineman for the 2020 draft.

1. Cesar Ruiz, Michigan

Cesar Ruiz is a solid center prospect who can step in easily at the next level. I think Michigan lineman largely benefited from amazing chemistry, which makes a transition more difficult. He has great balance and power at the point of attack, but his arm length is lacking.

2. Lloyd Cushenberry III, LSU

Lloyd Cushenberry III is a great prospect with fluid hips, quickness and a high level of football IQ. He can contravene his hand placement and technique, but it can be corrected with solid NFL coaching.

3. Ben Bredeson, Michigan

I am higher on Ben Bredeson than most analysts, but I really love his upside. He has great power at the point of attack but needs to clean up some technique issues. Bredeson can be a solid guard in the NFL with improved hand placement.

4. Matt Hennessy, Temple

Another great center prospect, Matt Hennessy possesses great balance and hand technique. His power is something to be desired, but his bruiser play style will be attractive to many general managers.

5. Jonah Jackson, Ohio State

Jonah Jackson will translate well to a zone rushing scheme. He has great balance but does not have the power to play in a power rushing system. He has some issues in pass protection but was solid in the run for most of 2019.

6. Nick Harris, Washington

A solid center at Washington, Nick Harris is a good option for a team in need of a blocker who thrives in an inside zone or power rushing schemes. He has great balance and mobility, but short arms that slightly worry me against bigger nose tackles.

7. Michael Onwenu, Michigan

More of a scheme-specific player, Michael Onwenu will thrive in a west coast style of offense. He has great power at the point of attack but struggles to sustain blocks. An offense that gets the ball out quick will allow Onwenu to thrive.

8. Shane Lemieux, Oregon

Shane Lemieux has fantastic power, especially in his upper body. But where he has power, he lacks in quickness and flexibility. Teams that are looking for a guard best suited for a power rushing scheme will like Lemieux.

9. Damien Lewis, LSU

Another powerful interior offensive lineman, Damien Lewis, has a similar play style to Shane Lemieux. He isn’t mobile, but his strength will translate well to certain NFL schemes.

10. Tyler Biadasz, Wisconsin

A fairly inconsistent player, Tyler Biadasz is more of a developmental player on day three. He is tough with a solid motor but lacks fluidity and balance. His film wasn’t the greatest in 2019, but I think he can recapture his play in 2018 in the NFL.

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