Can Tristan Wirfs Be The Breadwinner?


For Tom Brady, the Buccaneers drafting Iowa OT Tristan Wirfs is the greatest thing since…sliced bread.


No secret the Bucs were desperate to upgrade their offensive line to keep Brady upright. So, what better way to keep your soon-to-be 43-year-old standing tall than to hand him a bodyguard from Iowa.

Yes, Iowa!!  The home of corn, the Iowa State Fair and where sliced bread was invented by Otto Frederick Rohwelder in 1928. And at 6-5, 322 pounds it’s obvious Wirfs has enjoyed all three. Now, he will make sure the Bucs 43-year-old quarterback becomes a 44 and 45-year-old quarterback.

Gisele Can Now Delight In Carbs!

This is only the fourth time the Bucs have used a first-round pick on an offensive tackle. In 1988, the Bucs drafted All-Pro Paul Gruber. Then in 2001, the Bucs drafted Kenyatta Walker, who was a Super Bowl starter for the Bucs. In 1991, the Bucs drafted Charles McRae, who rarely started or was never All-Pro. But his agent was Donald Yee. The same agent as… Tom Brady!!

This Goes Together Better Than Bread And Butter.

Believe me, you didn’t get this insight from ESPN in its draft coverage. No wonder Bucs Report pays me the big bucks!!

Is it me, or did the Bucs make the most out of a couple of fourth-round picks?  They sent a fourth to the Patriots for Rob Gronkowski and used another fourth to move up a spot to secure Wirfs. Obviously, the Bucs are all-in the next two years with Brady, so what are a couple of fourth round picks, anyway??

I guess I shouldn’t mention that Harry Carson, Charles Haley, Charlie Joyner and Steve Largent are all former fourth rounders that had Hall of Fame careers. In fact, Largent was taken with pick #117. The Bucs traded pick #117 to San Francisco to nab Wirfs.

Eat Your Heart Out Adam Schefter.

If I were the Bucs I’d get Wirfs to town ASAP.  I’d make Wirfs learn the playbook and do everything for Brady. If Brady needs hand sanitizer, Wirfs gets it. Brady wants a park for a workout, its on Wirfs. Wouldn’t you rather have Wirfs walk into a strangers home than Brady?

For years, fans have been clamoring for the Bucs to improve their offensive line. Well, here you go. Tristan Wirfs, the pressure is on, you are expected to be the breadwinner.

Let’s hope it doesn’t turn into sourdough.