The Professor’s Prime-Time Picks


Written by: Johnny Dean

2020 has brought an entirely new vibe to One Buc Place. With the addition of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, it seems they have become unstoppable in the minds of the Tampa Bay faithful. So much so that the excitement has bled out to the rest of the league while being awarded five prime-time games.

Despite the pandemic, the league swears the NFL season will play out as scheduled. If that is so the league has given the Buccaneers a rare gift in the five prime-time games for 2020.

With all that in mind, I looked into those games and give you my 2020 Buccaneers prime-time predictions.

Week 5 @Bears Oct 8th, 8:20 pm NFL Network (TNF)

Despite my unease picking the Buccaneers in prime-time games, I have to shake it off for this one. Brady has never lost a game to three teams. The Bears, Falcons, and Vikings.
(Bucs win)

Week 7 @Raiders, Oct 25th, 8:20 pm NBC (SNF)

With no idea where this game will even be played or what quarterback the Raiders will start by this time. I have to go with the experience of the Buccaneers coaching staff and Brady.
(Bucs win)

Week 8 @Giants, Nov 2nd, 8:15 pm ESPN (MNF)

I picked the Buccaneers to win the Giants game in my first five predictions last season and it was my only loss. So saying this game makes me nervous is an understatement, but I can’t pick this game other than how I see it. The Giants just don’t match up. The team is in transition and I have yet to see any identity in them.
(Bucs win)

Week 9, Vs. Saints Nov 8th, 8:20 pm Est NBC (SNF)

Picking this game is giving me nightmares. This late in the season the Buccaneers should gel and get into their rhythm. The Saints are a deep and very good team with a quarterback just as experienced as Brady. I fully expect a season split in games between these two teams. Flip a coin!
(Bucs win)

Week 11 vs. Rams, Nov 23rd, 8:15 pm ESPN (MNF)

Last season the Rams game was my upset game. That worked out pretty well then, but this Rams team is nothing like that team was. The franchise seems in transition and is nowhere near full strength. This is a trap. After the last four prime-time games, I think the Buccaneers may already look past this game. This is my upset pick.
(Rams win)

Despite how the season turns out, remember to protect yourselves and those around you. Wear your masks when in public, wash your hands and check in with your neighbors when possible.