The Match II: Who’s Your Caddie?


Tom Brady is playing a round of golf Sunday, The Match II. Hold that thought.


As we Americans do the last Monday of May each year. We take time this Memorial Day weekend to remember in our thoughts and prayers those bravest of men and women who died while serving in the US military.

Then we go to the beach, get too much sun and dodge afternoon thunderstorms on the way home. There is also a three day sports smorgasbord that includes the NBA, NHL, MLB, and the PGA. The granddaddy of the weekend? The Indianapolis 500 from the brickyard.

Not this Memorial Day weekend though. So far in 2020, sports have been mostly hindsight. Save for Sunday’s golf match. Which just might fit the flattened curve bill.


They’re Goats On The Golf Course

In “The Match: Champions for Charity”, it’s Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning competing against Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson. Two NFL greats. Two PGA greats. Each with a personality like warm butter on movie theater popcorn. The friendly match will raise upwards of ten million dollars for COVID-19 relief. The foursome will definitely bring the comic relief.

Why Can’t We Be Friends

If you didn’t already know, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have a great friendship. In a tweet by Brady (here) it is obvious why being a fly on the golf bag tomorrow will be so entertaining.

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson originally teed em up on Thanksgiving weekend in 2018. A winner take all match that entertained with a twinge of competitiveness. This time around with Peyton’s humor and Brady’s modesty, it should be a much lighter affair.

The Buccaneers have totally owned the sports news cycle since forever. Even with Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance making good buzz. The news this week is a documentary for Tom Brady himself. To be filmed over the next year and proposed for a 2021 release. Good stuff.

Celebrate This Weekend

Celebrate by remembering our heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice. Lets celebrate each other as we continue to fight COVID-19. Celebrate being a sports fan by enjoying the match for its purpose and entertainment.

Last but not least. Celebrate being a Buccaneers fan. Tom Brady’s playing a round of golf today.