What does M.J. Stewart’s Release Mean for Antoine Winfield Jr.?


With the release of M.J. Stewart early last week, could that mean more reps for Antoine Winfield Jr.?  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a great defensive back in Winfield, and they know it.

Stewart only played a total of 21 games with the Bucs and started in just six. His lack of productivity made him an easy target for his release. Plus, he has an injury history as well.

Winfield Jr. is a talent no team could pass up; he’s quick, has great awareness, and loves to hit. He’s the perfect Buccaneer. He’s already done so much for the Buccaneers and he hasn’t even stepped on the field yet. His work ethic is incredible and has his sights set on success.

But, did Stewart’s release really change anything for Winfield? I don’t think so. I think if Stewart were still on the Buccaneers, Winfield Jr. would get more reps.

The Deck Bar and Grille at Isla
The Deck Bar and Grille at Isla

Now that’s not to say Winfield Jr. won’t reach the same fate, because it does happen. Players who look good in college, but falter when their time comes to play. But he is just an all-around better player than Stewart was, and the Bucs know it. Winfield Jr. will be the Bucs’ starting defensive back for many years if all goes well.

Since Stewart has been released, he was picked by the Cleveland Browns over the weekend. So, the chances of him proving his worth are still on the table. But as far as the Buccaneers go, Tampa knows what they have and they don’t anything getting in his way.