Real Bucs Talk Podcast: Bucs vs. Bears Film Study


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The Buccaneers Offense in week 5 sputtered against a stout Bears defense. As usual the Bucs scored on their first drive but then couldn’t consistently move the ball.

Some of that is play-calling and the inability to adjust during the game but some of it is also Tom Brady getting in tune with his new team and teammates. At the end of the day the offense had two golden opportunities late in the game and both times came away with little success.

We breakdown the Buccaneers offense and see where improvements need to be made in today film study.

In Week 5 the Buccaneers defense against the Bears had moments of brilliance but also moments to further question.

The pressure is still there but with missed assignments in the flats and backend , there were small gaps to be had. In a game lost by only 1 point the defense was truly needed to step up and at times that just didn’t happen.

The run stuffing is still there as they held the Bears to 35 total yards rushing.

We break down the simple little mistakes the Bucs made and where there is room for improvement.

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