The Buccaneer Defense Of Tom Brady


Did you hear the one about why Tom Brady became a Buccaneer? It was because the cupboard in New England had become bare. He was going to have final say in personnel here in Tampa Bay. As a result, he would surround himself with all the toys befitting the GOAT. He doesn’t like a biscuit unless he can risk it. He would be allowed to be his own offensive coordinator and would THANOS the rest of the league.


Seems like the one reason farthest away from the national perspective, but closest to reality. He might have looked across the line at this defense and thought…Hmmm.

Dr. Jeckyl/Mr. Hyde

While the NFL community spent the last seven months slobbering over the Buccaneers offense, Buccaneer fans knew what the defense could bring. This defense was stout against the run in 2019. The secondary was young but showed promise. Add a ball control offense that doesn’t turn the ball over. You have the ingredients for a championship team.

Even with Brady looking almost pedestrian this past Sunday. The Buccaneers made a statement to the rest of the league. This team has the components to be reckoned with. Throw in a running game? With Ronald Jones II having his third 100-yard game in as many weeks. You start to get the complete picture.

not quite there yet 

Make no mistake. This is not an argument for championship celebration just yet. This team is an ongoing project. There are to be bumps in the road. Still so much room for consistent improvement.

The offense will continue to find cohesiveness with each passing day. This defense will grow only stronger. If asked why he became a Buccaneer, Tom Brady might take the fifth. But if pressed into a charge. It seems like there are fifty-two team mates ready to come to his defense.