Buccaneers’ Brady on Late Game Interception


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost another primetime game Monday night. This time to the Los Angeles Rams in Tampa at Raymond James Stadium. Losing in primetime is kind of a Tampa Bay thing, it’s what they do as of late.

Monday was no different, or was it? In what looked like a table set for a classic comeback, the Buccaneers came up short, or in this case a bit long…


When you sign a quarterback of Tom Brady’s caliber, you expect signature wins. You expect exciting comebacks, especially when the proverbial table is set. You expect the GOAT to, well do GOAT stuff. Monday night that didn’t happen.

The Buccaneers were driving down by three late in the 4th quarter and Brady was at the helm. This is the scenario we were told Brady was the perfect guy for. He already had 47 comebacks in his career, we were about to witness another one.

Then it happened, on a seam route to tight end Cameron Brate, Brady’s throw was off, by slot. The pass floated into Rams rookie safety Jordan Fuller’s arms, thank you and goodnight.

During his postgame press conference Brady explained what happened on the play

“Just a bad read,” Brady said. “Cam was running up a seam and at the last second I saw the safety coming over and just popped it over Cam’s head. Just a bad read, a bad throw, decision, everything. Can’t happen.”

You could hear the collective jaws drop in and around the Tampa Bay area. Tom Brady of all people had made a crucial mistake in a crucial situation. That isn’t what you’d expect from a player with the moniker of “GOAT” so frequently attached to his name. That isn’t what the coaching staff, the fans, the Rams, the media or even the waterboy expected. Unfortunately it is what we got.

Anybody got the number of a solid Lasik specialist?