Real Bucs Talk Podcast: Bucs/Rams Film Study


Welcome to the Real Bucs Talk Podcast

Tom Brady and the Bucs offense were as inconsistent as you can be on Monday Night. At times they could move the ball as they scored TDs on two consecutive drives in the 2nd Quarter. Then they go through spurts where they can’t catch a ball or complete a pass.

There were plenty of opportunities to score and even win the game in the end but costly mistakes contributed to the end result.

The Bucs defense early on had a combination of bone head penalties, missed tackles and poor zone integrity that resulted in going into halftime down 17-14.

After halftime they seemed to lock down more but the glaring issue is the lack of a manufactured pass rush. A team that is identified as a blitz happy and aggressive unit was sitting back in coverage and repeatedly only send 3 or 4 in. Just about every time the Bucs only rushed 3 the defense gave up chunks. The identity is aggressive so stick to it. The Buccaneers can’t continue to beat themselves and basically outsmart themselves.

Stick to what works, keep it simple!

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