Chiefs Tyreek Hill Gives Bucs’ Evans Some Love


The greenskeepers at Raymond James are still replacing the burnt sod from last weeks Buccaneer/Chiefs game. Tyreek Hill, the 5th year wide receiver torched that sod like it was kindling. Instead of giving Buccaneers fans reason to hate on the four-time Pro Bowler, he goes and does the opposite. Putting Mike Evans at the top of his best five receivers in the game list.


As It Turns Out

Buccaneer fans have seen the video from last weeks sideline antics by Tyreek. Where he grabs one of the sideline phones and requests help for a Buccaneers defense that really could have used it in trying to stop the outstanding receiver. The video (seen here), was a reference to Broncos TE Shannon Sharpe from a 1996 game against the New England Patriots.

Moments like these can be as irritating at they are funny. Especially when it happens against YOUR team. The fact that Hill runs the bit from a game that occurred when the 26-yr old receiver was only two years of age, says something about his personality. Even if he just runs YouTube clips of football follies 24-7, he still reached back and brought one that was applicable to the trouble the Buccaneers had in trying to stop him this past Sunday.

On That Note

Appearing on Inside the NFL on Showtime this week, Hill was asked by Brandon Marshal why he is so underrated in a league that talks about Julio Jones, Michael Thomas, and DK Metcalf. In a moment of brilliance the “Cheetah” responds, “I don’t know man, maybe its because I have the best quarterback in the league”. Pure veteran move.

When asked to name his top five receivers in order, Hill would go on to say something that just has to further gain respect from Buccaneers fans. After responding that everybody is good, Hill went on to name; DK Metcalf (Seahawks), Davante Adams (Packers), Deondre Hopkins (Cardinals). Stopping to add that he isn’t even going to put himself in there. At #2, Hill named Keenan Allen, the electrifying wide receiver from the Los Angeles Chargers.

It was at this point, as I’m sitting there watching intently to see who Hill would put at the top of his wide receiver list, that he just warmed my heart, and came off as just the mature pro that he is. Finishing the list with none other than Mike Evans at the very top.

Not That There Is Any Surprise

Every Buccaneer follower knows that Evans is among the league elite. Just a baller, who carries a chip on his shoulder. At times, maybe a bit too much. But a leader that rises up and does what it takes to make the catch, stand by a team mate, and roll. In a season that sees the 7th year receiver just 387 yards shy of his seventh 1,000 yard season in a row, with four games to go, there is still a story to be written.

If the Vikings, Lions, or Falcons decide that their biggest goal will be to stop Evans from passing Randy Moss (with who he is currently tied with at six strait seasons with 1,000 or more yards receiving), than they will have picked their poison, and Brady will pick them apart. Although Buccaneers fans know that making the playoffs for the first time since 2007 is this seasons primary goal. They also believe that to do this, it will take some big games from Evans, and thus, make that 7th, 1,000 yard season a possibility.

Cheers to Tyreek Hill for representing with his list of top NFL wide receivers. He is a student of the game, and it shows. As for last weeks sideline antics. If a team doesn’t want to see that thing done against them. It is pretty simple. Don’t let them get off like that, then the point becomes moot.

Mike Evans is at the very top of list of the best receivers in the NFL. That’s good. Because the Buccaneers are going to need him at his best over the next month. The 2020 playoffs are calling and somebody needs to answer that phone.