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The Bucs offense performed how they usually do which is slow to start and a little too late. Tom Brady and all of these weapons just don’t seem to be playing at the same pace or clicking the way they should.

Opportunities are there yet they don’t execute the play accordingly. So many miscues like an inaccurate throw, a drop, a missed block or bad timed play. There’s just too many of them and this TEAM needs to start playing like a TEAM.

This late in the season you would think they would have started to “CLICK” already.

Early on the Bucs defense tried to stay in man coverage on Tyreek Hill. It didn’t pay off the way they thought it would. Hill earns the nickname “Cheetah” for a reason and the Bucs figured that out real quick!

In the 2nd half Bowles made adjustments and held the Chiefs and the Pat Mahomes offense to only 7 points allowing them to get back into the game. At the end of the day they couldn’t come up with one more stop to prevent the time from running off the clock.

We look into the breakdowns from Sundays matchup and see where improvements need to be made.

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