Brady vs. Brees: a Front-Row Seat to History


Social media allows fans to see a side of their favorite athletes previously limited to interview quotes and game day montages.There was a time not so long ago that if it wasn’t crammed into a three-minute local sportscast or featured on a ESPN SportsCenter, it didn’t get heard. My, how times have changed for the better.


You Got To Love This

Case in point. A tweet by Tom Brady this week (here). The “History Awaits” post pertaining to the game between Brady and Brees this Sunday. Their ages being a underlying narrative. The picture of an aged Brady and Brees and the History Channel tie-in was brilliant.

Next,  Rob Gronkowski retweeted the picture with the simple request. “Morgan Freeman”. With that, Comic genius, and world class Impersonator Frank Caliendo did the rest of the heavy lifting.

The picture of Brady and Brees, now, with the narration by Caliendo (here) ends up being the funniest thing You might see today. Pure comedy genius. With an assist from all parties concerned.

It’s Good To Laugh

It will be all business this Sunday. As these two quarterbacks battle to put their respective teams into the NFC Championship game. The Buccaneers looking to get off the schneid in 2020 against the Saints. The Saints attempting to beat Tampa Bay for the third time in five months. A Buccaneers team that has really found its stride over the last five weeks. This will be a great game.

Have a little laugh Buccaneers fans. Take a moment to see the lighter side of this weeks game. Savor the flavor. Then, put all that crap aside and get your game faces on. This team is on the cusp of becoming the first team in NFL history to play a Super Bowl in their own stadium.

There is some history being made here. And Bucs fans have a front-row seat.

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