A Case for Alex Smith to Backup Tom Brady in Tampa Bay


The 2021 Tampa Bay Buccaneers brought back all 22 starters to their roster and look to bolster it in the draft. Why not compliment their returning Super Bowl team with the best reliable starting-caliber quarterback left in free agency in Alex Smith? Let’s state the obvious here. Starting quarterback Tom Brady will be 44 by the time the season starts and his body is not going to be less brittle. He could very well play the full season again and his offensive line served him to his seventh ring. There’s always a “what if” factor especially if your franchise quarterback gets knocked out for the season.

Why Alex Smith?

By sheer talent and stats alone, Smith has the chops to minimize the losses the Buccaneers have at the position should Brady be knocked out for the season. He made the postseason five times; four as a Chief and one as a Niner. He has a career 99-67 record, threw for over 35k passing yards, one shy of 200 passing TDs, and is a three-time Pro Bowler. Despite only topping 4,000 yards once in his career, he proved his worth as a contributor at the age of 37. He’s also a clear upgrade over Blaine Gabbart not to mention it wouldn’t put pressure on Brady’s eventual successor in the draft to take over.

Yes, Smith is also coming off a devastating near-career-ending injury in 2020, which is all the more reason why his role at least for the 2021 season coming off the bench in a 1-year deal would help him long term should he move on. As a Bucs fan, you can count your blessings on someone with a veteran presence like Smith is still available. You might think, “There’s a reason why he’s still not signed”. Then again, looks can be deceiving as you look at the cases of Cam Newton before he landed with the New England Patriots and Jameis Winston before he landed with the New Orleans Saints. As far as I’m concerned, Alex Smith is a low-risk, high reward investment and I’m sure at his age and career, he would mind having a chance at a ring on the back end.