I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Creamsicles


Who is running lead on this “one helmet” policy in the NFL executive suites? Seriously? It seems like absolutely nobody is monitoring this situation. And at this point, it has become a situation. The draft is in the books. Rookies have had rookie camps. Teams have passed phases 1 & 2, and are now in phase 3 of the offseason. But Buccaneers fans are still waiting to hear if the defending Super Bowl champions will go old school in their creamsicles in 2021. It’s become a little maddening. So what’s up?

Leave it to Lavonte

The Buccaneers’ 10th year linebacker was a rookie in 2012 when Tampa Bay last strapped on Bucco Bruce. He is the only Buccaneer who has worn the O.G. colors. In an article from the Tampa Bay Times (here), David said he would love the chance to wear the “orange” again. He’s not the only Buccaneer who would like to go old school.

In a tweet of a beautiful Tampa Bay sunset last September, Tom Brady himself called for the creamsicles. The tweet by Jenna Laine (here) says it all. The Buccaneers organization, as well as the NFL offices, need to decide that 2021 will see the return of Bucco Bruce. It’s history. It’s just. And it will sell a lot of merch. So there’s that.

Who’s call is it

A story on PFT (Pro Football Talk) on Thursday seems to open the door wide open for creamsicles this season. At least it doesn’t close it. In the piece (here), NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said that this change, if it happens, requires no discussion or vote among ownership. Alright, then. Who’s “in-box” do Buccaneers fans need to fill. Who will make the call that will allow Tampa Bay to honor its heritage and wear the orange and red?

On the throwback uniforms in 2017, “I love the creamsicle uniforms,” David said, “I wish we could bring them back. Everybody around here still asks about them, like ‘Man, I wish I was around when these guys were wearing the creamsicles as throwbacks.’ I don’t know why they got rid of them, but it was very disappointing. You could swag it out a bit sometimes.”

So what do you say NFL? Throw Buccaneers fans a bone and let them swag those creamsicles out a bit. For old times sake. Yeah, don’t know about “one helmet”, but it sounds like it will only take One call. 




  1. The NFL might end up saying to do the creamsicle uniforms, we might have to use it in all of our games.

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