Predicting Antonio Brown’s 2021 Statistics


The Buccaneers are poised for another Super Bowl run in 2021. They have brought back all 22 starters and added depth through the draft and free agency. Expectations are high. For some players though, their stats from last season are not indicative of what they will post this year. Antonio Brown’s first year with the Bucs is an example of this. He did not play a full season last year, so what statistics can fans expect out of him this time around?

Brown Joins The Bucs In 2020

With legal issues swirling the Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed Brown in October of 2020 to a one-year contract. The fans were divided. He was seen as a great receiver, but also a locker room issue. One that could tear a team apart. Luckily, the Buccaneers were prepared with strong, veteran leadership that provided accountability and rebuffed any distractions.

Having to serve a suspension, Brown found himself reinstated in November in time for the Week 9 game against the Saints.

Fans held their breath. And with good reason. Would he be a force multiplier for this offense? Or would he become yet another headache for another team?

Brown’s Final 2020 Statistics

With only eight games in the regular season to prove himself, Brown went to work. Starting off somewhat slow, he was eased into the offense. He had already built some familiarity with Tom Brady during his short stint in New England. But he needed to build a relationship with his new teammates and soak in the playbook.

Brown hauled in 45 receptions off 62 targets during those eight games. In total, he had 483 yards, four touchdowns, and 27 first downs. In only two games did he have double-digit targets. Additionally, it was not until the final game of the regular season that Brown would break 100-yards receiving in a game. Solid numbers for arguably the No. 3 wide receiver.

If you subtract the highest and lowest game from his 2020 statistics, Brown averaged the following: Rounding up, around seven targets a game and five catches a game. This equates to roughly 55 yards a game. In an offense with the strongest trio of wideouts and a stable of capable players behind them, these numbers are strong. just dropped this Tom Brady bobblehead and more! Get yours by clicking the picture above! just dropped this Tom Brady bobblehead and more! Get yours by clicking the picture above!

2021 Prediction

Obviously, Brown is back for a second season. To his benefit, he’ll have a full offseason and won’t have to learn a new playbook. The familiarity will bodes well and subsequently, he is set up well for a strong showing in 2021.

With a new 17-game schedule out, Brown -along with Chris Godwin and Mike Evans– could eclipse over 1,000 yards in 2021. Using his averages, minus his highest and lowest numbers, Brown looks to see 119 targets or more. This should place him around 935 yards and 6 touchdowns. This does not account for any breakout games or games where he gets shut down.


Final Thought

Brown will come out swinging in 2021 as he looks to add another championship to his already impressive career numbers. Therefore, with a full season and what appears to be better health, Brown could see over 1,000 yards and be part of the sixth wide receiver trio to each have over 1,000 yards in a season.

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