Happy 33rd Birthday, Antonio Brown


Everybody has used the “aging like fine wine” metaphor. This is a humorous analogy to soften the passing of another calendar year. It is the way each and every one of us should feel about ourselves. This also is why the NFL should be worried about Antonio Brown.

Hold it Now

Quick! Name the last NFL team to field two Hall of Fame worthy players drafted in the 6th round. I’ll wait. Alright. Unless you pulled one out of your… ear then you came to conclusion that the Buccaneers are in very rare air. Brown was drafted in the 6th round of the 2010 NFL draft (#195 overall) out of Central Michigan. Tom Brady was also drafted in the 6th round, of the 2000 draft (#199 overall) out of Michigan. There’s a parallel.

But don’t be fooled here. Brady didn’t lobby for the Patriots, then the Buccaneers to sign Brown for some kind of “quasi-karma”. He did so because Mr. Big Chest continues to run routes as crisp as autumn air in Albany. Which is where Brown’s father, Eddie Brown played for the Albany Firebirds. A wide receiver of similar stature, he was voted the best player in Arena Football league history on the 20th anniversary of the league. Antonio Brown was literally born to run. And boy, can he run.

The New Style

The 2020 NFL season saw so many big things for the Buccaneers. It’s no wonder the Brown signing could have been the lead that was buried. This is not to say that his signing was of any less significance, in fact quite the opposite. The 2020 signing of Ronald Ocean will no doubt, continue to pay huge dividends.

With a Super Bowl under his belt and an entire offseason to work, Brown should only improve. He still has some of the crispest route running in the league. Not to mention a pair of strong hands that just don’t seem to drop the ball. Antonio Brown seems to be aging just like that fine sweet wine. In other words. NFL be warned.

Happy 33rd Birthday, Antonio Brown.