J.T. Olson’s Week Four NFL Power Rankings


We are almost a quarter through the NFL season. It feels like it just started and that we are in many ways still getting to know these teams. We have a little separation between the good and the not so good teams. So here’s where they stand going into week four.

32) Jacksonville Jaguars 

The Jags looked good in the first half, but promptly fell apart in the final 30 minutes. They have shown very little through three games this year despite some promising talent.

31) New York Jets 

Zach Wilson has not looked good so far this year. He’s a rookie and growing pains are expected, but it’s a reminder that this is still the very beginning of the rebuild.

30) Detroit Lions 

It took a record breaking game winning field goal from the Ravens to beat the Lions, but at the end of the day Detroit is still 0-3. The moral victories are encouraging though.

29) New York Giants 

Back to back weeks it’s felt like the Giants could have won the game and back to back weeks that they didn’t. It feels like they’re close; we’ll see if they get over the hump any time soon.

28) Atlanta Falcons 

The Falcons are on the board! They got their first win of the season by beating a Giants team that I don’t think highly of. Baby steps forward are still steps forward.

27) Houston Texans 

The Texans are proving to be a bad team like we all expected. However, they are a tougher bad team than anticipated. Not good, but not a push over either.

26) Philadelphia Eagles 

After an impressive week one win the Eagles have been losing altitude. Just an overall lack of talent holding them back.

25) Indianapolis Colts 

There is a lot I like about this roster, but it’s hard to argue against an 0-3 start. It’s been a tough schedule so far and the Colts have not been up to the early challenge.

24) Pittsburgh Steelers 

This offense has major problems. I love a lot of this defense, but I don’t think they can carry what’s left of Ben Roethlisberger and this offensive line.

23) New England Patriots 

With a rookie quarterback and no real playmakers on the outside, it’s hard to respect this offense. They are 1-2 with the defending champions coming to town. Not where you want to be.

22) Miami Dolphins 

The Dolphins have dropped two in a row and have a backup quarterback running their offense. It will be a guy check game vs the 0-3 Colts this weekend and I’m not sure the Dolphins are the better team.

21) Baltimore Ravens 

The Ravens have won two close games in a row and are starting to look like the playoff contender many expected them to be. With that said, squeaking past the least talented team in the league doesn’t earn much respect from me.

20) Washington Football Team 

The Team got whooped by the Bills on Sunday. The defense hasn’t played well and the offense has always been unproven. I trust the coaching staff, but they need to be more than the sum of their parts.

19) Chicago Bears 

It was the much anticipated start of the Justin Fields era in Chicago in a loss to the Browns. Unfortunately, it was a day we saw him get sacked nine times. This offense has a lot of issues beyond the quarterback position.

18) Minnesota Vikings 

The Vikings got their first win on Sunday against a talented Seahawks team. They have the talent and it feels like Minnesota may be putting it together now.

17) Cincinnati Bengals 

Raise your hand if you expected to be 2-1 at this point in the year….Me either. Cincinnati has played well so far, as strange as that is to say.

16) Seattle Seahawks

Even at 1-2, I trust Russell Wilson and this coaching staff to right the ship. They are consistently a ten win team under this leadership and I see no reason why that would change this year.

15) New Orleans Saints 

The Jameis Winston experience is in full swing and the world loves it. However, it’s the defense that makes me respect this team. 

14) Dallas Cowboys 

The Cowboys are 2-1 with a close loss to the Buccaneers. That’s a pretty good resume. The defense has been a pleasant surprise this year and looks respectable.

13) Kansas City Chiefs 

It’s not time to panic in Kansas City. The Chiefs are 1-2 and the defense hasn’t looked good, but this is still the same team that has won the AFC the last two seasons. 

12) Carolina Panthers 

The Panthers are 3-0 and have looked good this year. This includes wins over two of the worst teams in football, but you can only beat the teams you play.

11) San Francisco 49ers 

The 49ers faced their first real test of the season on Sunday and came up short. I like most of this team, but I do question the secondary and the quarterback.

10) Tennessee Titans 

Two big wins in a row has forced me to respect this Titans team. They have the playmakers to sustain success and I’m starting to buy in.

 9) Los Angeles Chargers 

Beating the Chiefs gets you noticed. The Chargers may have arrived a year earlier than I expected. 

8) Las Vegas Raiders 

The train rolls on for the Raiders. At 3-0 they have officially cracked the top ten. I don’t know if they can keep this up, but I’m enjoying the ride.

7) Arizona Cardinals 

Arizona has incredible talent on paper. If that continues to translate to the field then this team is a dark horse contender. 

6) Denver Broncos 

The Broncos are the slow and steady riser. Good defense and a well rounded offense make them a tough team to beat. 

5) Buffalo Bills 

The Bills have bounced back nicely from a week one disaster. They are now looking like a team that was predicted to compete for the Super Bowl. 

4) Green Bay Packers 

Back to back impressive college wins for a team that was in the NFC championship game last year. The ship looks righted for Aaron Rodgers. 

3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

An ugly loss vs the Rams drops the Bucs here. They aren’t playing well and it was only a matter of time before they couldn’t just out talent their opponent. 

2) Cleveland Browns 

The Browns might have the best offensive AND defensive line in football. This team has no real weakness. 

1) Los Angeles Rams 

The Rams move to 3-0 with a statement win over Tampa Bay. This Matthew Stafford led offense looks nearly unstoppable.