Buccaneers Brady Chimes in on Arians “Dumb Team” Comment


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are gearing up for this weeks’ matchup with the New York Giants. But before we move on there’s an elephant in the room that needs to be addressed.

“Dumb Football Team”

Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians referred to the Buccaneers as a “dumb football team” during his postgame press conference last Sunday. The Buccaneers had just dropped a conference game to Washington due to in-part to some, well dumb penalties and decision making.

This statement by Arians set off several of the Buccaneers faithful. The arm-chair GMs, media pundits and trolls looked for every reason to proclaim there was a rift between Arians and Tom Brady. Not so fast my friend. During Brady’s podcast “Lets Go” with cohost Jim Gray, Brady had this to say about the coaches comments.

“That’s What Being a Great Teammate Is”

“Hopefully, we’re all very receptive to it because that’s what being a player is and that’s what being a great teammate is.”

Brady went on to elaborate that you can’t hide from Arians’ or the media’s comments about losing what should’ve been an easy win for the team.

“It’s very natural because we’re all surrounded by family members, and agents, and people from our schools that want to protect us when things don’t go well,” Brady said about the media noise.

There were several things that went wrong on the 29-19 loss to Washington. From Brady’s two interceptions, all the penalties too the defense giving up a 19 play drive in the 4th quarter. Brady put it in perspective about as clear as you can.

“What you really need is the truth,”

“What you really need is the truth,” Brady stated. “And the truth is when you walk in that building the next day and you look at all the guys on the roster, and you look at each other and say, ‘We are the problem. We win as one, we lose as one.’”

“There’s no point in pointing fingers at anyone or anything. It does no good. We’re all in it together,” Brady went on. “If we want to make it better, we need to fix our problems.”

Accountability is a key trait for a leader, it’s what gains respect while also being the catalyst to change. This is just one thing that Brady has brought to this team. One thing that is and has been the catalyst of change for this organization.

So to the random guys on social media and outlets pushing an agenda, there is no rift between Brady and Arians. This is just new to this franchise, and to most of you.

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  1. This team is fine , they had a bad game it’s over , OK a couple of bad games . The Bucs are missing a few key players on both offense and defense , I know the next man up , but come on some players are just missed no matter !!!! I have been a fan since 1976 and have never thought of giving up on the Bucs !!!! As a former member or the US Army and now a Disabled Veteran , I know what it’s like to be on a team and a team player , so I have total confidence in our Tampa Bay Buccaneers , they aren’t just a good team they are a great team , They will prevail !!!!! Go Bucs you got this , we have Tom Fricking Brady 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈

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