Tom Brady: Buccaneers Have “Different Problems” This Year


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are at the halfway point of the 2021 NFL season. Like last year at midseason the Buccaneers are struggling with injuries, their deep throws and stopping the opponents passing game. This year we can add lack of focus and penalties to the equation of what ails this team.

Bucs Beating Bucs

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady addressed this during his podcast “Let’s Go”.

“The problems we have this year are different than the problems we’ve had in the past,” Brady stated. “So we have to take a different approach to fix them.” Head coach Bruce Arians has stated the Buccaneers can fix the penalty issues quite easily. Brady expounded on that as well.

“We’re going to have to dig deep. We’re going to have to show a lot of resiliency, we’re going to have to show a lot of mental toughness,” Brady pointed out to cohost Jim Gray. “We’re going to have to work harder than what we’ve worked.”

This tells us a few things, one, Brady and Arians are on the same page, despite reports of the contrary. It also show accountability by one of the greatest to play the position.

Hunting Buccaneers 

Tom Brady knows the struggle it takes to repeat as Super Bowl champions. He’s accomplished it once in his career. Being the hunted is an entirely different dynamic in the NFL.

“Everyone would think, ‘Oh, you guys won last year, why don’t you just win again this year?’ Well, as we know in the NFL, that is very, very difficult to do,” Brady went on to say. “It’s very difficult to repeat success, and a lot of teams are out there gauging where they’re at based on their game against you.”

The 2021 Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in uncharted territory for most of this team. Being the hunted turns the pressure up exponentially. The veterans on this team in conjunction with the coaching staff really needs to drive this point home.
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