The Sensational Significance Of Sunday’s Soirée


This Sunday’s game between the Buccaneers and Bills needs some perspective. There will be no trophy to the victor. Neither team can lock up home field advantage for the 2021 playoffs. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will probably not be there. That cat usually shows up for the most significant tilts. This week 14 matchup between Buffalo and Tampa Bay is just another game. Unless it truly isn’t. In that case. This game could be huge.

Most Important One is the Next One

It is easy to over emphasize the importance of a Buccaneers football game. A team that has perennially underachieved for a greater portion of its existence. This Buccaneers team does not. The 2020 season saw a pandemic, empty stadiums, social distancing, and every other conceivable challenge. This organization persevered on their way to the summit. Buccaneers fans perspective may be skewed just a bit. But this Tampa Bay team is battle tested.

So why would this Sunday’s game against Buffalo figure so prominently? Sure a victory moves the Buccaneers to 10-3. With some assistance the Buccaneers could lock up the NFC South this weekend. This would mean it’s time to break out that 2021 NFC South Champion merch. For Buccaneers fans in 2021, like the 2002 squad, this could make for an “extra busy” Monday morning merch madness. In 2002 it was the NFC South champions, then NFC Conference champion. Followed finally by 2002 World Champions gear. A victory on Sunday could start the 2021 team on a similar trajectory.

Making Marvelous Memories

What magic awaits Buccaneers fans this Sunday? Besides the obvious importance of this game for a defending champion Bucs squad. Why would a victory in the confines of Raymond James stadium this weekend be cause for beautiful celebration? Getting to 10-3 on the season is in itself, cause for firing the cannons. Even if the opponent is an up and down Buffalo Bills squad. Once among the favorites to give Kansas City a run for the top AFC seed. Now just looking for direction back to the post-season.

There may be an announcement at some point over the PA system at the Buccaneers game. A home team victory, coupled with a Falcons win over the Panthers, and a Jets win over the a depleted Saints team, and the Buccaneers will have clinched the division. This has not occurred since 2007. So yes, a party would be in order. But even more important. A victory over the Bills this week would continue to show NFL fans all over the world. These defending champion Buccaneers are still taking care of business. Still hungry to sip from the championship chalice. Still focused on making history.