Buccaneers Brady Shut Out for First Time in 15 Years


Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has an astronomical list of accomplishments, accolades and records to his name. Every week it seems like Brady is breaking another record, winning another honor. With good there’s bound to be bad, Sunday night, there was plenty of it.

Sunday night’s shut out loss to the New Orleans Saints was the first time a Brady led team has been shut out in 255 games. Yes, since the year 2006, 15 years ago.

To be fair to Brady and the Buccaneers, losing three of your top weapons on offense isn’t easy to overcome. Going from Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Leonard Fournette to Tyler Johnson, Scotty Miller and Ronald Jones puts you behind the eight-ball. That said this is the NFL, and in the NFL it’s “next man up”. That didn’t happen in Tampa Sunday night. The frustration from Brady was evident, and rightly so, as this video of Brady shows.

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