So, Shawn Hochuli “Is a Jerk”


No kidding! This was the first thing my wife, Kathleen said to me. I had not seen the helmet-to-the-chin play. Where Von Miller went crown high. Traveling across the Howard Franklin bridge at the time. I called my wife to tell her we were coming home. I did not anticipate that her and our youngest, Rowan, we’re having a Mommy/Daughter football Sunday. Which completely melted my heart. That Kathleen’s first words to me were; “Shawn Hochuli is a jerk”, melted my heart even more.

Now You Know Why I Married Her

My wife loves the Buccaneers. I’m not saying this was required. I would have fallen madly in love with her, regardless of NFL team affiliation. Even if she was not a fan at all. Except for the Saints. I would have had a hard time crossing that bridge. The whole “who dat” thing. Definite a barrier to entry.

But Kathleen is a huge Buccaneers fan. So the stars all aligned for me on that one. She is also a Tom Brady fan. Which probably explains her disdain Sunday for Shawn Hochuli. Although the hit in question was bang-bang. The bloodied lip following, not as much. The personal foul called against Brady was forgivable. That the Buccaneers let the Rams run all over them, not so much. But it happens. That’s why they play the game.

It’s All In The Rear-View

In just under a month the Buccaneers will be defending Super Bowl champions no more. It’s has been one helluva year. Taking Buccaneers fans minds off of the pandemic was the second championship in team history. Then talk for the last eleven months of repeating. It has been both exhilarating and exhausting. But that is all done.

Now comes the job of picking up the pieces so many free agents to evaluate. A draft to address. Will Tom Brady be back? All interesting plot lines. All part of what makes being a Buccaneers fan so rewarding. This organization will always do what it takes to win, that you can be sure of. Every year will be a new challenge. Every day another opportunity.

So compartmentalize the season. Come to terms with the results. Let the record show this 2021 Buccaneers team won the most games in a single season(13), and totally ruled the NFC South. That Shawn Hochuli missed the helmet to chin hit from Von Miller on Sunday, just a missed call. That Hochuli is a jerk for flagging Brady for a personal foul. Just another reason to love Buccaneer football. Because we all are a family, and family takes care of each other.