Buccaneers Have Met With Rookie QB at Senior Bowl


Tom Brady, the most successful quarterback in Buccaneers and NFL history, has retired after winning seven Super Bowls and setting numerous passing records in an unprecedented 22-year career.

Now the Buccaneers must look for his replacement. Will they roll with Blaine Gabbert or Kyle Trask? Could they make a move to trade for or sign a free agent quarterback, or maybe they’ll look for one in the draft?

Kenny Pickett is arguably the best quarterback prospect in this year’s draft class. With that comes the fact that he will most likely be a mid-high first round pick. The Buccaneers currently pick 27th in this year’s draft so if they are looking to draft Pickett, it’ll come with giving up some capital.

That doesn’t mean the Buccaneers can’t or won’t trade up to get him,  it just means it will come at a price. A steep one at that.

Kenny Pickett Collegiate Highlights 

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