Whitney Holtzman: Breaking Down Barriers While Taking Tampa Bay Sports Market By Storm


Whitney Holtzman is not only just living her dream, but making the world a better place. A native of the Tampa Bay area her entire life, her story is truly inspiring. And her journey to becoming one of an up-and-coming NFL agent.

Tampa Bay Native

Whitney grew up a Buccaneers fan as her family had season tickets, and from watching the Bucs at Raymond James Stadium or at home with her dad and brother, her emotions were driven and she realized what she wanted to do. “From watching the Bucs I knew i wanted to work in sports, I told my dad that I wanted to be a sideline reporter”. And growing up, she kept that same dream alive.

Tampa Bay to Gainesville 

A student at the University of Florida, where she graduated with a degree in Journalism and Sports Management. She covered the school’s Pro Day and even shared a class with Tim Tebow. While in college, she interned for the Tampa Bay Rays and for ESPN. While at ESPN, a new opportunity came

Holtzman, who was hired as the Florida Gators feature reporter, helped launch and build espnW. Which spotlights and celebrates female athletes. She not only helped create a platform that celebrates female athletes, but she also conducted many interviews and wrote nearly 80 articles.

Welcome To The Big Leagues 

Her knowledge of not only sports, but social media led her be becoming Major League Baseball’s Social Media Producer. Not only did she write posts on MLB’s social media accounts, but wrote posts for all 30 teams. Whitney’s journey early on in her career had her at the forefront of the sports world, but she strived for something greater.

Social Victories Launched

Holtzman started her own company, Social Victories in 2018. She not only serves as the Chief Marketing Officer to professional athletes but is there to help her clients any way she can. She even babysat Buccaneers defensive lineman Steve McLendon’s dog for 12 days. Holtzman says that her clients “are like family” and anything she can do to help them succeed, she’ll do it.

Her next venture to becoming an NFL agent wasn’t always in the plan, but she was up for the challenge. She petitioned the NFLPA to become an agent and got a recommendation from clients Cam Lynch and Brandon Marshall. She then passed the test and officially donned the title of NFL agent. But with that, comes many challenges.

Breaking The Boys Club

In the NFL there are around 917 male agents and around 30 female agents. “It can be intimidating at times,” Holtzman said in regards to it being predominately male-based, but added, “No matter what obstacles are in front of me, I will always be there for my clients”. Another challenge being an agent she said is not having anyone to ask questions to and having no resources. No matter what challenges come her way, Whitney handles them with pure class and determination.

Seeing her clients achieve their dreams and being okay mentally and financially after football is what is the most rewarding part of this profession she said. Every day she wakes up with a smile on her face ready for the day’s new challenges.

An Inspiration 

Interviewing Whitney was truly an honor as she is not only one of the most inspirational women in sports but one of the nicest people I have ever talked to. She is breaking down barriers for young girls out there and opening doors for future opportunities. To add to the outstanding career she has had, she wrote a book, “You Are The First You” about her career journey and how she got to where she is today. Highly reccomend going to Amazon and ordering a copy.

Whitney said that her passion for sports and making the world a better place are what motivate her every day, and that is the type of attitude we all should have.