Breer on Brady Rumors: “I Don’t Think He’s Coming Back as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer.”


The NFL ‘s silly season is once again upon us. That time of year when we see how much can be thrown against the wall in hopes that something sticks.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady retired just a few days ago, yet here comes the rumors. From one outlet to another, from former teammates to some guy at a jewelry store, the rumors are a plenty. But how valid are they? More often than not these are just people connecting dots, dots that aren’t typically relevant.

So when Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer appeared on The Rich Eisen Show and the topic of Brady rumors came up, we listened. Breer is actually connected in league circles and with the Patriots organization. When Eisen brought up the rumors that Brady may come out of retirement Breer said, “I think if Brady comes back, it’s with another team, “I think there was some level of — I think Brady loved the guys he worked with, OK?” Breer stated. “Loves Jason Licht. Loves Bruce Arians. Loves Byron Leftwich. I do think there were little things that frustrated him there.”

Breer went on to talk about how some small things started wearing Brady down, but the Antonio Brown situation factored in to his retirement. He added that Brady was not in belief that the Buccaneers could bring back enough players to make a Super Bowl run in 2022. At the end of the day Breer said, “I don’t think he’s coming back as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer.”

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