Watch: The Best of Buccaneers Mic’d Up from 2021


All good things must come to an end. For the Tampa Bay Buccaneers their shot at defending the Super Bowl crown ended with a heartbreaking loss to the Rams.

One of the benefits of being the defending Super Bowl champions is the amount of exposure the franchise receives. From extra coverage by the networks to commercial endorsement deals the Buccaneers dominated the airwaves and internet. The franchise benefits, the fanbase gets the respect they’ve craved, it’s a win-win.

Back to the extra coverage. The biggest benefit is the increase in prime time games. A national audience, the only game on, all day gameday coverage. But to me, in my opinion the best benefit in the coverage is the increase in the amount of players being Mic’d Up.

The Buccaneers social media team has been fantastic, the NFL’s media division is unrivaled. Putting these two entities together have provided some of the best digital sports content on the net.

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