Brady & Gronk: Rumors in the Air


Tight end Rob Gronkowski has retired twice in his professional career. The first time from the New England Patriots, then from the WWE. His career in New England was Hall of Fame worthy, his WWE career was short buy did include winning the 24/7 Championship. Then Tom Brady signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and boom, Gronkowski un-retired from football to join his buddy Brady.

Now, Brady is the one who has retired from football and Gronkowski is a free agent. So of course this means the rumors and conspiracies are a plenty. Will Gronk retire? Could he sign with his hometown team the Buffalo Bills? Or maybe he retires again?

But Maybe….

The rumors that Brady is already having buyers remorse about retirement have really picked up steam lately. They range from, “he’s coming back to the Bucs”, to “he is waiting a year and coming back as a 49er”. Honestly, I think like many of you I’m suffering from Brady fatigue. Don’t get me wrong, everything this man has done for this franchise is appreciated. But holy crap for a guy who is famous for his decision-making can we get a solid “yes” or “no” on his retirement status? But I digress, back to Gronk.

Gronkowski is on record saying the only quarterback he wants to play for is “Tommy” (Brady). That was awhile back, now Gronkowski seems to be considering doing just that, playing with someone as quarterback besides Brady. But he also hasn’t exactly shot down any rumors that he is going to follow Brady and retire. He has said he wanted to take some time before making a decision. Which sounds a lot like “I’m waiting to see if Brady is really going to stay retired”.

So when Gronkowski spoke with USA Today recently he was asked about Brady’s retirement and if he could see him returning.

“The Guy’s A Beast”

“The guy can play at any age,’’ Gronkowski said. “If he’s 50 years old he can still come back. I think he’s going to come back but in a couple of years. The guy’s a beast. He can play anytime.’’

We all know Brady’s level of expertise and the commitment he has in preparation for the game he’s dominated for over two decades. As I mentioned earlier, Brady is renowned for his decision-making, it’s kind of his thing. So to think he would come out of retirement and play next season doesn’t seem to fit his persona.
Now as for taking a season or two off and returning to the 49ers? Well, that makes more sense and lines up with Gronkowski’s comments above. Brady grew up in California and was a 49ers fan. Then we factor in the rumor (man there’s so many) that when Brady first hit free agency two years ago he spoke with a team who declined his services, to which Brady responded “You’re sticking with that Motherf*cker?” was actually the 49ers. Yes, he was supposedly talking about 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Yes, the same Garoppolo that’s been rumored the Buccaneers are interested in acquiring.

Connecting Some Dots

So let’s put on the tinfoil hats and start connecting some dots. Brady is rumored to be considering a comeback, Gronkowski isn’t sure what his next move is. Brady was rumored to have initially wanted to sign with the 49ers. The 49ers are also in the market for a quarterback while Trey Lance continues his development. That’s a lot of dots connected isn’t it?

The reality is, nobody aside from “Tommy and Gronky” know what their next move is. But I feel safe in saying that unfortunately it doesn’t look like the Buccaneers are in any of those plans.

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