Former Buccaneers WR Antonio Brown is at it Again


It’s late February and in the NFL that means it’s silly season time. Speaking of silly, the foot freezing, shirtless dancing, team quitting wide receiver Antonio Brown is looking for attention again.

You all remember him right? The guy who quit in the middle of a game earlier this past season? Yes, Antonio “I’m too hurt to play but also mad I’m not getting enough targets” Brown is at again.

Brown is still playing the victim, much like his buddy Ye does. Brown and his attorney have made numerous claims against the Buccaneers. More so towards head coach Bruce Arians. Here’s the problem, he contradicts himself literally in the same social media post.

C’mon Man

First it was they’re “making me play hurt”, then it’s “I’m not getting the ball enough”, then back to a mixture of both. Brown decided to put up another post about it Monday. It’s like most of his stuff on social media is, a mixture of conspiracy and hilarity. But I’m not sure he realizes which is which.

Now he’s saying Tom Brady lied to him, which is weird because just the other day Mike Evans stated Brown was upset at the lack of targets. Wonder why he hasn’t taken a shot at Evans?

As Greg Auman of The Athletic points out, Brady targeted Brown five times in the first half against the New York Jets. That’s just one less than the player who was targeted the most in that half. Hey Antonio, your math ain’t mathing.

Here’s the thing, Brown is a head case, this isn’t up for debate. What is up for debate is why? Is it like some have hypothesized that he struggles with mental issues? Could it be the result of advanced CTE? Or, is he just a self absorbed diva? I’ll let you decide.

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