Replacing Brady is the Buccaneers “Trask” at Hand


For a team that jumped to the front of the line of relevance in 2020, these words hold a different meaning to Buccaneer fans. But they still hold just as true across the league.

Who’s The Next QB, Today

The “who are the Bucs pursuing this week” narrative is old. Except if it isn’t. Although most had to already have had Tom Brady penciled in under center for the upcoming season. When the GOAT exited stage right, it became a next man up mentality. Which is exactly where the team should be looking for their 2022 quarterback. Somebody already on the squad.

What Comes Easy Won’t Last, What Lasts Won’t Come Easy

It took Brady eight months to learn the system. Even with a team that is poised to own the NFC South, a team that talks about reloading, and not rebuilding. To look for another quarterback to come in fresh. And learn the nuances, personnel, and scheme of Byron Leftwich’s system? So, if Brady had been hurt in 2020, or 2021, this team would have fallen off of the map? The 2nd round pick of Kyle Trask last April was what, a mistake? Neither of these statements have a shred of truth. But we are not “in the room”, if you will. Maybe Jason Licht, or Bruce Arians know something the world does not. Seems like a stretch.

Trask looks to have all the tools necessary to be a starter. He spent his rookie season watching and learning from the G.O.A.T., but never once dressed for a regular season game. Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians on Trask, “I’ve got a year with Kyle,” Arians said. “Got to see Kyle every single day, watch him improve those nuances in the pocket, cause he ain’t afraid to stand in there. He can really sling it. He got all the throws. We drafted this guy for a reason last year in the second round. He is a big, tall pocket guy that’s got some mobility… I’m not fretting.”

In Closing

In what used to be the Siberia of the season. The “no news” portion of the NFL year. A time when players used to take on part time jobs to offset their meager salaries, and fans would take a breath from it all. Things have changed. Boy have they.

While what comes easy won’t last and what lasts won’t come easy, it takes time to figure out which is even which. What used to be so hard, waiting for the next NFL season, now comes before you know it. What used to be so easy, saying goodbye to miserable seasons, is so much harder now. With the seasons ending not just anti-miserably. But pretty darned great. Fortunately for Bucs fans, now there are as many questions as there are answers. Which is kind of the way its always been. Which makes looking for the answers exciting, and finding those answers so rewarding. Especially when one answer is already on the roster.

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