Gronk: “If Julian Signs With The Bucs Right Now, I’m Coming Back For A Whole Other Year.”


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are still in the market for a tight end. Yes, even after drafting two in this weekend’s NFL Draft, the Bucs are still leaving the light on for Rob Gronkowski.

Gronkowski has been putting off his decision to return for awhile now. So, what’s the hold-up? What would it take to get the Gronk back in house?

Gronkowski has spent the weekend in Vegas hosting his own draft party. Sports Illustrated caught up to him there and asked about his former teammate Julian Edelman. More specifically he was asked if Edelman were to sign with the Buccaneers would that convince Gronkowski to come back?

This would definitely be interesting, Brady, Gronk and Edelman playing together again? We all know Tom Brady has a lot of power in who he does and doesn’t want on the team. We’ve all seen the tweets by Brady low-key recruiting Edelman. Now, we have Gronk doing the recruiting as well. Sounds like Jason Licht has some more magic to work out.

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