Buccaneers 2022 Undrafted Free Agent Tracker


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have wrapped up their 2022 NFL Draft and now turn their focus to the undrafted free agents. Here’s a list of who the Buccaneers have signed as of now.

Kaylon Geiger, WR, Texas Tech
– Curtis Blackwell, OL, Ball State
Deven Thompkins, WR, Utah State
– Olakunie Fatukasi, LB, Rutgers
Jordan Young, LB, Old Dominion
– Don Gardner, CB, South Dakota State
Kyler McMichael, CB, UNC
– Nolan Turner, S, Clemson
Dylan Cook, OT, Montana
– Joe Ozougwu, LB, Arkansas State
Jereth Sterns, WR, Western Kentucky
– JJ Russell, LB, Memphis

In For Try Out

Kam Brown, WR, Coastal Carolina
– Aqeel Glass, QB, Alabama A&M
Devontay Love-Taylor, OL, FSU
– Ryan Bowman, DL, Washington
Keyshon Camp, DL, Pittsburgh
– Kyler Schott, G, Iowa

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