Buccaneers Scouting Report: Logan Hall, EDGE


Everybody knew what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers biggest need was going into the draft. A defensive tackle, specifically a pass rusher next to Vita Vea, was right at the top of the Bucs wish list. The trouble was that this draft was fairly weak at that position. This is part of the reason why the Bucs traded out of the first round. 

When the pick was finally turned in to start the second round, it was Houston defensive tackle Logan Hall. He fits the Buccaneers profile and is someone who can make an impact as part of the rotation right away. Was he the right pick? Here’s what we know about him.

(Games watched: Tulsa, Texas Tech, SMU, Cincinnati)


In terms of physical tools, Hall is not lacking. He measured in at 6’6 and 280 lbs at the NFL combine and he tested like a great athlete. On top of that he’s only 22 years old so there is every reason to believe that his best football is still ahead of him. Despite anything else there’s no denying that Hall’s potential is very high.

When properly applied, Hall uses his physical gift to make an impressive highlight reel. He can utilize his length to control offensive linemen and can combine that with good leverage to drive his opponent back. In terms of flashes Hall is as good as basically any defensive tackle in the draft. If he can become consistent with these flashes then this has all the makings of a potential pro bowler.

Hall also brings some versatility. Playing three technique defensive tackle will be his primary role, but he’s also had some experience on the edge. This means he can play the Ndamukong Suh role as well as William Gholston’s. In a draft where defensive tackle isn’t particularly strong, it’s nice to not be pidgin holed to one position.


This pick definitely broke the Buccaneers typical mold. Hall is very light for the position, having been listed in the 260 lbs range in college. Needless to say he isn’t great at the point of attack. There is a notable trade off in ability to defend the run for potentially being a good pass rusher one day.

That is to indicate that Hall isn’t currently a good pass rusher. While there are certainly flashes, it’s fair to call this pick a bit of a project. Licht is betting on high upside and athletic ability. However, a tall undersized defensive tackle is hardly the prototype for success.  

Hill is at his best when he uses his length combined with leverage. Unfortunately, he is inconsistent in maximizing these traits. His pass rush arsenal and pad level need to be more consistent in order for him to live up to this pick. With 2022 as a red shirt year in some ways, it’s a chance for Hall to grow and develop these skills.


The NFL draft is always about risk and reward. Who a player is vs who a player can become. Hall is no exception to that. As of right now he isn’t a great football player. He certainly flashes greatness and has all the tools to get there, but he needs to develop and become more consistent with what he does well.

It’s hard to truly evaluate this pick right now. Time will tell if Hall will have been worthy of this selection or if he was the right pick for the Buccaneers.

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